UNISON-led courses in forthcoming weeks (all courses are fully funded and open to all staff) – please circulate to your networks, thanks
·   27 April, Inverness, 2-5pm
“Best is yet to come”
The workshop aims to provide tried tools and practices to enhance health and resilience for people in transition from work to retirement.
·   3 May, Inverness, 1-4pm
“Cyber security”
Nowadays our computers, phones, and tablets are filled with personal information - but how can we keep that sensitive information out of the wrong hands? In this 3 hour workshop you will learn about the most common cyber security attacks, but more importantly how to take steps to protect yourself. You will see live demonstrations of attacks and learn how to spot them. These tips will help you feel more confident about using a computer safely. No technical knowledge is required.
·   9 May, Inverness, 1- 4.30pm
“Alcohol Brief Interventions”
This half day session will allow you to become familiar with a brief intervention to support adults to make healthy choices around alcohol.
·   4 May – 6 July, Wick, Thursday evening
“Computing and Online Basics”
·   Introduction to computer, keyboard and mouse;
·   Understanding what you see on the screen;
·   How to write and print documents;
·   Sending emails;
·   Searching websites.
“PC Passport Spreadsheets” (accredited course)
·   Inverness, 1 evening a week over 14 weeks, dates are to be confirmed
“SSSC Registration” Inverness, Fort William, Oban, Wick, Lochgilphead (other locations will be considered)
·   information sessions, dates will be confirmed
·   26-27 May, Inverness
“Union Learning Rep, Stage 1”
I would like to invite you to become a workplace contact (ULR) so that you and your colleagues can hear about and also request free courses. This is not a time consuming or difficult thing to do – it is rewarding and good experience to include in your CV.
If you wish to book a place or find out more please contact: MARTA CHABA,
Regional Learning and Development Organiser
UNISON, 53 Shore Street, Inverness, IV1 1NF 
Direct dial: 01463 723968 
Mobile: 07950889765


On-line version 

Who is it for? 

Any new steward who is unable to attend one of our face to face Organising 
Stewards courses (because of work patterns / domestic commitments) 

When will it start? 

The courses dates are: 25th April – 13th June 2017 

 25th September – 11th November 2017 

Aims of course: 

This course will help you: 

. understand the role of an 
organising union in public 
. recognise the importance of 
equalities in UNISON 
. work with members to tackle 
issues in the workplace 
. work with members in 
resolving cases 
. know where and when to seek 
advice and guidance 
. understand how procedures 
work in practice 

. handle grievance and 
disciplinary and similar types of 
cases as the representative of 
UNISON members within your 
. be certified as competent to 
accompany members at a 
disciplinary and grievance 
hearing in order to comply with 
Employment Relations Act 1999 
. understand the broader roles in 
which UNISON operates, 
including internationally. 

What will an on-line course involve? 

The course will use the same high quality materials, the same tutor support, 
the same networking with other UNISON stewards but will be accessed on-
line from your workplace or local/employer learning centre. It will be 
delivered in a friendly, encouraging way by expert tutors. 

You will access the course via the Internet and work interactively on tasks 
with tutors and other course participants. Course activities contain 
discussion forums, quizzes and workplace activities. 


You will need to spend approx 4-5 hours a week over a 7 week period. 


How will the on-line course work? 

The course is delivered using a web-based learning environment and you 
can access course materials whenever is convenient for you. The course 
includes some group work, where you will be expected to work with fellow 
learners. At the start of the course, the tutor will set a timetable outlining 
the activities that need to be completed and a date when they should be 


Do I need good IT skills to take part? 

The starting point will be the ability to send an email and know how to 
access the internet. 


How much will it cost? 

The course is free to you. 


Will I get paid time off? 

On-line learning should not be seen as an alternative to paid release from 
work. The law that says trade union reps are entitled to reasonable paid 
time off for education and training still applies to on-line courses, whether 
learning takes place away from work or in work, at your workstation or your 
employer’s learning centre. Talk to your manager about what makes sense 
for you. 


How do I apply? 

To register for a place on this course please click here (from this link 
click on course directory, then sort by on-line courses then find the “Unison 
Stewards course” (you need to do this by no later than 2 weeks before the 
start date of the course). Once you have registered the TUC will send you a 
college enrolment form. This needs to be completed and sent back to the 
TUC by return otherwise you will not be able to start the course. 


Please also tell your manager that you have applied. 


When will I hear if I have a place? 

You will be contacted by the TUC no later than 2 weeks before the course 

Subject: Organising Stewards Training


Hi Folks


Just to let you know that we have organised an Organising Steward training course for 3-5 April (Part 1) and 8-10 May (Part 2)in the Highland Resource Centre. We presently have approximately 8 folk needing training but are happy to take many more! Hopefully you will have new stewards after the AGM season able to take up their training quickly.


I will be writing out to the 8 new/nearly new stewards individually so you may see forms appearing that need approval.







Jane Atkinson

Area Organiser


Tel:  01463 715891

Mob:  07904342430

To: Scotland Branch Secretaries & Branch Education Officers
cc:   Scotland L&O Committee & Organising Staff
Please find below a list of training courses where we still have availability. If you have any activists who are interested in attending any of these courses please arrange for the attached booking form to be completed and then forward to or post to Activist Education (Scotland), UNISON, 53 Shore Street, Inverness, IV1 1NF as soon as possible. Please note that all of the courses are subject to numbers.
·   Organising for Health & Safety (part 1) – 21-23 February – Edinburgh (part 2 on 28 & 29 March)(4 spaces left)
The course covers the role and rights of the Safety representative using H&S legislation, building health and safety organisations, developing strategies for health and safety and risk assessments. On completion, all participants will receive the UNISON Health & Safety pack. Participants may then choose to attend the more advanced TUC Health & Safety training and/or one of UNISON’s specialised courses in, for example, Stress at Work or Bullying and Harassment.
·   Regulatory & Fitness to Practice Cases – 21 February – Inverness
This briefing covers changes to a number of the regulatory bodies (NMC etc) but in particular the scope of the SSSC has changed. There are new regulations and a large number of social care workers are now required to register. There have also been changes to the fees structure. Items covered will be the structure and process of the Regulatory bodies; the paperwork required before a case can be considered for support and representation; how to avoid cases being turned down for support and representation; the specific support members subject to the process require.
·   Organising for the Media (Residential) – 3-5 March – Glasgow
Covers all the essentials of dealing effectively with the media. It aims to give participants skills, knowledge and understanding of relevant methods to facilitate improved branch level media contact. It covers various media including: press, radio and TV and practical exercises in doing interviews. Applicants can attend as a day delegate or residential.
·   Employment Law Discrimination – 14 March – Edinburgh
This course is open to experienced stewards and Branch Officers. Covers all aspects of potential discrimination as defined by Equality legislation.
·   Mental Health at Work – 20-22 March – Inverness (course commences 12.30pm on the first day, finishing early afternoon of the final day)
This course will assist reps on how to deal with members in difficult situations which may involve “mental illness” – a look at what employers can do, common signs and symptoms of poor mental health in the workplace, strategies for intervention and support, causes and strategies for coping with stress. This course is only available to experienced stewards, officers and H&S Reps.
·   Developing Representation Skills – 28-29 March – Glasgow
This is an advanced course which requires delegates to have completed Organising Stewards and Further Representation Skills courses first. The course is designed to develop representation skills, structured around one extended case study and looks at three different ways in which the case could evolve. This course can used to renew ERA accreditation.